Winky D and Brother Layan fall apart because of money

Winky D

Winky D

Winky D is at each other throat with his brother over money. Born Wallace Chirumiko, Winky D’s music career has always revolved around his brother Trevor “Layan” Chirumiko who besides being Winky’s backing vocalist at shows, also acts as his producer and is one of the few friends Winky has in the music circles.

Winky, who hardly sings a song without shouting Layan’s name in his introduction, is believed to be angry at his brother after he leaked their riddim to another artiste. The brothers’ working relationship is understood to have deteriorated in October when Layan announced that he was going to leak some important information during a show in Harare.

“Mie gwan leak some information,” Layan sang during his performance.  A source close to the brothers said money was the reason why Layan had been angry with Winky.

“He is not happy because according to him, Winky and his manager, Jonathan Banda, take more money than him after shows and he feels his talent is not being recognised,” said the source.

This standoff is understood to have led Layan to rebel against his brother and leak their riddim for the song MaFeelings Pamangoma to Platinum Prince who went on to pen a song titled Vhum Vhum. However, Winky’s manager Banda said he was not aware of any impasse between the brothers.

“Jah man, remember these are blood brothers and if there is anything like that they will resolve it on their own. They have been through a lot together and their bond will not be disrupted by music and money,” he said.

Banda said people are after destroying his client’s career and are now using the brothers’ working relationship as a tool to bring them down. “I have to go now as you know I have not been around and we are busy preparing for our weekend programme.  This is cheap rumour and in the coming days, the truth will come out,” he said.

Throughout his career, Winky has made more enemies than friends and at one time blamed the Rastafarian community for abusing Rastafarian beliefs.

Winky also had a war of words with Sniper Storm and has a running grudge with a number of local dancehall artistes, who accuse him of being selfish. A self-proclaimed social commentator, his lyrics have made him a target for many as he every now and then attacks other artistes and prominent personalities though his music.

Already he has a free style line which he does during his performance, mocking the antics of Tinopona Katsande over her leaked sextape.  Early this year, Winky released a song taking a dig at Thomas Mapfumo after Mapfumo had said Winky’s career would not last.

“Mukanya wamakasiya aripamberi paTuku, zvino zvachinja Zimbabwe yese yongoti Tuku (You left Thomas Mapfumo the most popular musician ahead of Oliver Mtukudzi, but things have changed and the whole of Zimbabwe now shouts Mtukudzi’s name),” Winky D rhymes. It remains to be seen if Winky will not let his ego destroy his relationship with his brother.

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