Mathias Mhere of the ‘Favour’ fame accused of stealing the song

Mathias Mhere

Controversial gospel musician, Mathias Mhere of the Favour fame, has come under fire from a South African based gospel singer, Evidence Jiri who claimed to be the real composer and singer of the hit song Favour.

In an unsolicited interview, Jiri drew daggers against Mhere. Interestingly, Jiri has become the FOURTH singer to claim copyright over the song and threatened to take legal action against Mhere whom she accused of being a cheat.

“I am not happy with what the guy has done and if he did not explain himself I will report to the police and I am prepared to fight it through the lawyers,” she fumed.  The song is the fifth track on Jiri’s second album which was recorded by Metro Studio in 2011.
“This guy has a lot of explanation to do. It is hard to compose and record a song, simply for someone to reproduce. I wrote the song in 2010 and it was out in 2011. I was in South Africa when I got calls from relatives over the issue. I was surprised to hear other Zimbabweans playing the song and it has become a hit at the Park Station, advertised as Mathias Mhere featuring Blessing Shumba,” she fumed.

Contacted for comment, Mhere scoffed at the claims.

“This is something else. I think she is the fourth person to claim the song and unfortunately for her, I composed the song in 2009. ZIMURA can clarify the issue. I do not steal people’s songs. I do my own compositions, so this is a surprise,” said the soft spoken gospel singer.

The two songs are similar in the wording and slightly differ on names. Jiri alleged that she could not stomach listening to the song on her way from South Africa, forcing her to put on headphones.

“I had to put on head phones in the bus I was travelling in when the song was being played,” she said.

The song had been under dispute for a long time now with a Masvingo based group Destined ASnnointed claiming that the song is their church’s property. Kudakwashe Kunyavapa was the first to hit out at Mhere.

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