Macheso postpones release of new album to 2014

Alick Macheso

Alick Macheso

SUNGURA maestro Alick Macheso risks a backlash from his fans after shelving until next year the release of his much awaited album. Though Macheso could not be drawn to explain why he has decided to move the album release to next year, sources have attributed this to the recent favourable airplay his songs have been receiving on Radio Zimbabwe.

When his last project Kwatabva Mitunhu (Kure KweKure) came out, fans snubbed it, a move which pushed the sungura maestro back into the studio a few months after its release. However, fans seem to be warming up to his songs, with Macharangwanda being among the top contenders for the Song of the Year on Radio Zimbabwe.

The collapse of Last Power Studios, co-owned by Macheso and Laston Murehwa, has also been attributed to the rescheduling of the recording of Macheso’s latest project to a later date. The fallout between the two also meant that Macheso had to find a new studio to record his album. This prompted him to set up his own studio, Zorai Butter Studios, which will be used to record his 10th album.  He is still in the process of putting up the requisite equipment before the recording begins.

Macheso said a lot had been said about the album and begged his fans to understand that it takes time to come up with a well-polished offering. “We decided to record at our own studio so that we limit the chances of the album being pirated,” he said.  The musician also said there was a need to give his new guitarists time to gel in and form a cohesive unit with other instrumentalists.

Macheso was earlier this year hit by an exodus of band members which destabilised his unit. “This will be an in-house project and we will take our time and prepare a well polished album for fans,” he said. Macheso said he was not even sure which songs to put on the album as he had a number of songs and fans had decided on their preferred songs after hearing them at live shows.

“I do not even know which name to give the album because we have a number of names but I have heard people saying ZvaZvinhu is a good name. I am sure they came up with that name after hearing one of our new songs which goes by that name,” he said.

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