Dudu Manhenga faces jail term

Dudu Manhenga

JAZZ sensation Duduzile Manhenga is facing jail after she allegedly ran over and killed a pedestrian. The 32-year-old diva has revealed that she feels burdened by the pending court case. It is alleged that the mother of four did not have a driver’s licence when the mishap occurred and she is likely to face two charges of culpable homicide and driving without a licence.

The matter was reported at Avondale Police Station where it was being investigated sometime in August. “It’s one of those of things that happen in life, those are the challenges that we face as humans. It is really a burden and I’m still waiting for the matter to proceed. I cannot reveal much as I have been advised not to comment on the matter by my lawyers,” said the devastated Dudu.
A highly placed source revealed that the matter was set to appear in court in August but did not take off as the witnesses in the matter were not present. The source added that the docket was referred back to Avondale Police Station for the police to serve the concerned parties and when everything is complete, it will be referred back to court. The mole further clarified that the delay does not mean the matter has collapsed and that she still has a case to answer.
“According to the report, Dudu did not have a driver’s licence on the day in question and she has been charged with culpable homicide and driving without a licence. Dudu’s attorney from Scanlen and Holderness Legal Practitioners confirmed the matter but could not be drawn into revealing further details. “I can confirm that there is a culpable homicide charge and the matter could not start because the witnesses were not there.
“From that time we have not yet received a new date for us to return to court. “It is still premature for me to reveal much at this stage as the matter has not been heard before the court and the best people to issue finer details are the police at Avondale Police Station or the State,” the lawyer said. Despite the legal woes, Dudu has been on top of her game and established herself as one of the country’s finest and most travelled musicians.
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